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The Filtration System

Why Ceramic

Resource Development International – Cambodia (RDIC) has been making ceramic water filters in Cambodia since 2003. RDIC’s operation started at a small scale as it developed its manufacturing techniques and clay mix compositions. Ceramic water filters have proven to be tremendously effective in reducing the exposure of users to contaminated water, and the incidence diarrhea.
Field trials of the effectiveness of ceramic water filters in Cambodia over time showed a 46% reduction in diarrheal disease between filter users and non-users, a 95.1% average (and up to 99.99%) reduction of E.coli in drinking water. Laboratory testing has shown a 90-99% reduction in viruses.


The Need

the World Health Organisation reports that in 2004 approximately 36% of urban and 65% of rural Cambodian’s were without access to safe drinking water (WHO, 2007). Traditional water sources in Cambodia include rivers, ponds, lakes, open wells, and rainwater stored in open containers, which are all susceptible to contamination from disease causing organisms and other contaminants. Lack of access to safe drinking water is one of the main causes of disease in Cambodia. Cambodia has a high under-five mortality rate (143 per 1000 live births in 2005 - compared with 6 per 1000 in Australia) with 16.6% of child deaths in 2000 attributed to diarrheal disease.

Our Partnership

There are many different types of water filtration systems used for different purposes. TUK has teamed up with RDI (Resource Development International) and is donating one Ceramic Water Filtration system for every TUK Watch sold. RDI works with Ceramic Water Filters because they provide affordable high quality drinking water, at a household or classroom level, for communities who are otherwise without access to safe drinking water. They have a 99.9% proven effectiveness to remove E-Coli and other illness causing bacteria. The filters are also locally made providing jobs and are easy to transport, use and maintain.

Link to full technical water filter PDF.

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