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1 Watch = 1 Water filtration system

Our Mission: To make a tangible and lasting impact on water safety for schools and families by providing water filters funded by beautiful timepieces for conscious-minded individuals.

1 FOR 1

TUK Watches started by asking, “What can we do big or small that would have a positive impact on the world?” Water, the most basic necessity for life, was the obvious place to start. We wanted to see real and tangible changes in this field, so we committed to a 1-for-1 structure whereby every watch we sell equals one water filtration system made and distributed in Cambodia. 


TUK went out to Cambodia to find a local on-the-ground organization making real and tangible changes. We partnered with RDIC who makes low cost yet effective and durable water filtration systems. They are also committed to the local economy by hiring and producing their filters locally. RDIC, Resource Development International Cambodia, also has a distribution network that can get these filters to the hard to reach regions of the country. On top of this, they are committed to educating about the importance and maintenance of the filters. 


The water filters are made from locally sourced materials at a factory near Phnom Pehn and is locally staffed. The filters main element is a ceramic pot with nano pores that strains larger protozoa, bacteria and particles. While the silver nitrate substrate lining kills bacteria on contact. An independent study has shown a 95% reduction in E. Coli and between filter users and non-filter users. The ceramic element is placed inside a container and water is poured in the top and filters approximately 2.5 liters per hour.


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